Celia Yap-Banago



Died: Reported April 22, 2020, Kansas City, MO

Profession: Research Nurse

Celia Yap-Banago died earlier this week. Research Medical Center said in a statement that Yap-Banago had been quarantined since March 25 and tested positive for COVID-19.
“Since that time, she had been recovering at home while under the care of her personal physician,” the statement said. “This is a deeply tragic situation and a reminder of the courage she — and her fellow nursing and frontline colleagues — exhibit every day during these unprecedented times.”
Research Medical Center also said that Yap-Banago had a nearly 40-year nursing career at the hospital.
According to a press release from National Nurses United, she was set to retire next week.
It also stated that Yap-Banago was among a group of nurses who expressed concern with Research Medical Center’s preparedness for the pandemic.
“Those concerns include insufficient supplies of the optimal personal protective equipment for RNs and other health care workers, delays in notifying nurses of being exposed to a suspected infected patients and staff and expected to continue reporting to work when exposed,” the release said.
“Her impact on the nursing profession and those she worked with will be lasting as a result of the tireless mentorship, training, support and guidance she provided her colleagues,” the statement read. “We offer our deepest sympathies to her family and friends, and all who she touched along the way.”
Nurses from across the area plan to hold a candlelight vigil Thursday at HCA’s Research Medical Center to honor Yap-Banago’s service.

Source: 41 Action News, Kansas City, MO

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