Vianna Thompson

Age: 52

Died: April 7, 2020 Reno, NV, US

Profession: Registered Nurse, Intensive Care, VA

The Washoe County woman who died Tuesday of coronavirus was a registered nurse who worked on the frontlines of the pandemic at several local hospitals.

Vianna Thompson, 52, died in the intensive care unit at the VA hospital where she had spent the last seven years caring for her own patients.

Her family was able to say a prayer for her over FaceTime because they couldn’t physically be present in her isolation room, according to the hospital’s chaplain.

“I believe that there could have been no greater love in the room with her during those last moments,” said the hospital’s director Lisa Howard in an email to staff.

Thompson worked as a floating pool nurse at the VA and Northern Nevada Medical Center, meaning she worked in various departments that needed the staffing. Most recently, she was assigned to the night shift in the emergency department at the VA Northern Sierra Health Care System.

Source: Reno Gazette Journal

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