Elliott Samet


Died: (reported) April 8, 2020 New Jersey, US

Profession:: Pediatrician, Passaic, New Jersey

Elliott Samet, a pediatrician at St. Mary’s General Hospital in Passaic, died due to complications related to COVID-19, the hospital’s CEO announced on Tuesday.

Samet practiced medicine for 38 years and served as St. Mary’s primary neonatologist — a pediatrician who works with newborns — wrote Edward J. Condit, the hospital’s CEO, in a statement.

“Many tears are being shed over this tragic loss,” Condit said.

It was not disclosed when Samet was diagnosed with the coronavirus or when he died.

Coronavirus in New Jersey: A timeline of events from first cases to mass casualties

A hospital spokesman said Samet was active in his local Orthodox community.

The website The Yeshiva World reported in an obituary that Samet was in his 60s and referred to him as “one of the leading pediatricians for the Jewish community in Passaic for decades.

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