Beena George


Age: 57

Died: April 4, 2020

Profession: Nurse

 Beena George, who sadly lost her life to Covid-19. Beena worked as a nurse in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital for almost ten years, and was very highly thought of locally.
She was out of work after being diagnosed with Cancer in January. She died from Covid-19 in the Lourdes on Sunday. Her devastated daughter Anmi pays tribute to her mum on the Michael Reade show now.

“She was always so passionate about her profession and always doing her best at her job,” Anmi said.

Anmi told LMFM radio that, “when it was diagnosed in January she was already quite late into the cancer.”

Her mother then developed pneumonia, “and she was in hospital for two weeks. She came back home and it was when she was hospitalised again, she tested positive for Coronavirus.”

“I was really worried the first time she was hospitalised but when they did a test that time it came back negative, but the second time it was really scary to find out that she was tested positive for Coronavirus.”

Source: Irish Examiner

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