Jean-Marie Boegle


Age: 66

Died: March 22, 2020

Profession: Physician OBGYN, Mulhouse, France

France 3 Television reported that Dr Boegle had gone to his holiday home near Dijon (Côte d’Or) in the Burgundy region of France two weeks ago, to get some rest.

Tired, and suffering from other health issues, he decided to get tested for coronavirus. He tested negative the first time, however, a week later, he tested positive for Covid-19. He went in to a coma and died on Sunday.

On Monday, several colleagues wrote messages showing their appreciation for Boegle.

Gynecologist Bernard Servent, a retired gynecologist at the Diaconat clinic in Mulhouse, expressed his regret at losing his former colleague.

“He was friendly, joyful, funny and very easy to like,” remembers Servent.

Fondly remembered

Boegle had opened his own clinic, but continued to help with births at the Diaconant-Fonderie Clinic, where he was working until March 12th.

Women who had given birth with Boegle’s help also flooded social media with messages and condolences for the family.

“He was a wonderful person, appreciated by his patients and colleagues alike.My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children,” wrote patient Sonia on Facebook.


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