Dino Pesce


Age: 74

Died: March 23, 2020

Profession: Internist Physician, Former general physician at the Villa Scassi hospital in Sampierdarena, Genoa, Italy

Dr. Dino Pesce, the primary historian of the Villa Scassi hospital in Sampierdarena, died this night at the age of 74. Since retiring in 2011, he has continued to volunteer for nursing homes and patient friends. In the last few days he had gone to visit a person with flu symptoms, and although his wife tried to dissuade him given his advanced age and the ongoing coronavirus epidemic he was adamant: “I am a doctor, I can not do otherwise”. That person then tested positive for covid19, he himself was infected. He was admitted to St. Martin’s Hospital, his condition plummeted.
Dino Pesce was born on January 16, 1946 and graduated from the University of Genoa and then majored in internal
medicine. After an initial period as a doctor of the mutual he embarked on a long career in the hospital of Villa Scassi. For Sampierdarena it has always been a symbol: he had a home right in front of the hospital and the private practice in Via Cantore, where he continued in recent years his professional activity with special attention for the elderly and patients of all time.

“He dedicated his life to medicine”, recalls his brotherly friend Gabriele Vallerino, head of gynecology at Villa Scassi. “When we called him for internal medicine consultations, he arrived in a timely manner. He was always smiling, jovial. He never raised his voice: he treated the nurses and the general manager with the same affection and education. He has trained generations of new doctors from Genoa.” “Dr. Pesce was the doctor as everyone imagines: always present, available at all hours,” adds Cristina Pallini, a family friend and general practitioner of 29 years who during her studies and the first years of activity relied on him to grow professionally. “How many tips, how many phone calls. Always with the same certainty: he was ready to help.”
Sampdorian, golfer, married to his colleague Daniela Lo Bello, a pediatrician, Dr. Pesce has never had
children. It leaves the beloved dog Paolino and an incalculable array of friends, colleagues and patients who in the last fifty years have known and appreciated him, considering him a symbol of the villa Scassi hospital that he loved so much.


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