Larrice Anderson, RN


Age: Unk

Died: April 1, 2020 New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Profession: Emergency Nurse

From article:

They’re the frontline workers, and LCMC says one of their nurses, Larrice Anderson died a hero. She died trying to save those suffering from coronavirus, ultimately contracting the virus herself.

“They’re not trying to be superheroes they’re just doing what they know to do,” Kristy Solis with the University of Holy Cross said.

Solis taught Anderson while she was a nursing student. She says if there was ever a student filled with love, a passion for nursing, and a hug for everyone it was her.

“She was always smiling that’s what I like to think of now that’s what people remember and not just remember her for this virus,” Solis said.

Solis says Anderson specialized in the emergency room, saying that made her all the more special in her mission to care for others.

“It takes a special person to be a nurse in the first place, but especially to be in the emergency room because they run towards tragedy when everyone runs the opposite way,” Solis said.

“Our frontline workers are every day playing their lives at risk, we’ve seen across the country healthcare workers were previously healthy are dying at this because again and again they’re caring for so many patients,” Dr. Jennifer Avegno with the New Orleans Health Department said.


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